Products: Ceiling Materials

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At Superior Acoustical Ceilings we use only quality ceiling products like the Armstrong brand. We prefer the use of commercial grade ceiling materials not only on our commercial projects, but also on our residential basement finishes. This allows us to offer our customers a quality ceiling product at wholesale pricing, while at the same time giving them a much better selection of ceiling materials than found at the local DIY store. Additionally, we have found that the warranty and service life on the commercial ceiling product lines are generally greater. Please call us for pricing and availability of the ceiling tiles and or grid you're looking to use on your ceiling project.

Ceiling Tiles

  • Fiberglass

  • Mineral Fiber

  • Metalworks

  • Tectum

  • Woodworks

Suspension Systems

    • Concealed Grid

    • Exposed Tee

    • Dimensional Tee

    • Slotted Tee

    • Environmental Tee

    • Clean Room Grid

    • 360o Painted Grid

    • Drywall Grid

Armstrong Tile #595 Traces (Ferns)

Armstrong 360o Painted Grid System

Armstrong Metalworks Linear

Drywall Grid With 9/16" OSB Vertical Drop Face